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Frozen returns, after the very successfull Disneyland® Paris Ice Dreams Sculpture Festival in Antwerp and Liège, creating the coolest summer from all times in Belgium and France!

With just some sand and water, artists from around the world create a fantasy world full of emotions and adventures.

A fabulous feast of fun, with amazement, emotion and discovery as the key words.


Discover Frozen Summer Fun, a fascinating adventure, a surprise-packed voyage of discovery in the fantastic world of … sand!

Ostend Beach
From 13 June up to 6 September 2015

Le Touquet Paris Plage
From 27 June up to 31 August 2015

Both festivals are open throughout the day from 10 AM to 7 PM


The International Sand Sculpture Festival and Disneyland Paris will celebrate Frozen, the biggest animated film of all time globally.

The famous Disney sisters will be back with their adorable snowman Olaf to cool things down this summer. They will invite guests to join them in singing the best songs from the most successful Disney story of all time.


The movie tells the story of a fearless princess Anna who sets off on an epic journey with her companions Olaf and Sven to find her estranged sister Elsa, whose icy powers have inadvertently trapped the kingdom of Arendelle in eternal winter.

A select group of professional artists will give shape and form to a selection of the well-known attractions and unforgettable moments for which Disneyland® Paris is so rightly famous, whilst at the same time giving a new look to some of the most well-loved Disney and Pixar characters – and all in sand!

Olaf, their funny snowman who dreams of summer, will also be there too!


Frozen Summer Fun offers a whole new dimension to an event which in recent years has become the most important summer attraction on the Belgian coast.  Never before has the enchanting world of Frozen has been reproduced in the medium of sand on this size – for more than 10,000 square meters of it!

Around the Castle of Sleeping Beauty you can see artistic impressions of the most famous attractions of the parks, together with all the Disney and Pixar heroes.


This summer, young and old alike can thrill to the great new experience of Frozen Summer Fun at the Sand Sculpture Festival in Ostend. A fabulous feast of fun, with amazement, emotion and discovery as the key words.

Tickets can be purchased at the box office at the entrance to the festival site.  Prior reservation is not necessary.  Tickets are also available for purchase in every Belgian railway station and on the coastal tram service (Kusttram).


The admission fee for adults is € 12.00 per person.  Students, 65-plussers and the physically challenged pay a reduced fee of € 10.00 per person.  Children between the ages of 4 and 11 years pay just € 8.00 each, with free admittance for children under the age of 4 years.

There is also a group rate for parties of more than 10 visitors, with a reduction of € 2.00 per person.


Start your journey in the vibrant atmosphere of Main Street, U.S.A.  Step back in time and enjoy the relaxed charm and hospitality of an American town from days gone by.

Back in the good old days, a century ago, when Walt Disney himself was just a child.


Let yourself be enchanted by the magical Disney tales and stories, as you wander through a decor which comes straight out of Fantasy Land.

This is a place where dreams really do come true.

Relive the great moments of your childhood.


Watch as Flynn Ryder rescues Rapunzel from the hands of her evil step-mother.

Fly away to Never-Never-Land with Peter Pan and Tinkerbell, in search of the dreaded Captain Hook.

Follow Alice through the spellbinding labyrinths of Wonderland.


Thrill at the sheer size of Sleeping Beauty’s castle.  Meet Snow White and see how the Seven Dwarfs help her to defeat the wicked queen.

Laugh at the exciting antics of Aladdin and his friendly Genie.

Track the sound of the bongo drums through an adventurous landscape.

Stand shoulder to shoulder with the fearsome Pirates of the Caribbean.

All carved from the very finest sand.


Afterwards, you can mosey on down to the Wild West, where gold-fever has broken out in Frontier Land.

Stake your claim in this sandy old mining town and soak up the heady atmosphere of Big Thunder Mountain.


Leaving the past behind, why not take a step into the future, as imagined by some of the world’s great visionaries, such as Jules Verne.

Race to the very boundaries of the universe for an inter-galactic adventure and discover how the dreams of the prophets of tomorrow are transformed into the realities of today.


Frozen Summer Fun also opens the door on the fascinating world of the film.

The Walt Disney Studios Park gives us a glimpse behind the cinematic scenes.

Confront your deepest fears in the once majestic Hollywood Tower Hotel, which now seems empty, deserted – and just a little bit spooky!

Make sure you watch out for the hotel’s last and strangest guest!

Or why not blow away the cobwebs with a race along Route 66 or discover the fascinating secrets of the kitchen in Ratatouille.


During a full two months, the magical world of Disney was a source of inspiration for a creative team of some thirty sand sculptors from all around the world.

The result is a fantasy world where treasures of great price are hidden.


Welcome to the Sand Sculpture World of 3D-storytelling, and enjoy our online book of history.

Not less than 5.000 sand statues have been made, shaped by the magical hands of hundreds of artists from all over the world, and worshipped by millions of visitors since 1997.


Sand in summer, ice in winter, discover our ‘frozen’ activities at www.icesculpture.be and www.sculptureclub.be since 2002.

Ice and sand both have this in common as a sculptural medium: once you have made a cut, there is no going back!  And you can’t just ‘stick’ on pieces willy-nilly!

Sand artists are like painters: they make numerous preliminary sketches and calculations, before progressing calmly and carefully with fine tools towards the final goal.


In contrast, ice sculptors are ‘cool dudes’, well prepared and seemingly immune to low temperatures, who set about their blocks of ice with a wide array of different electrical and mechanical aids.

You can admire the fruits of their labours in this year’s Snow and Ice Sculpture Festival, which will once again be taking place on the Station Square in Antwerp and Liège.


Ars Gratia Artis!

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